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Our method

As Castor began teaching kickboxing to the masses, he quickly realized that it is impossible to teach perfect form and boxing stance to so many people at once. He desired an over all more balanced workout to create a more lean, balanced body, and stronger core than traditional boxing brings. He created a simpler, safer way to break it down. We punch on both sides, and kick on both sides...what we do on the left, we also repeat on the right, and vice versa.  We use three stances...right stance (right hand forward right foot forward, the opposite of traditional boxing,) and left stance, left hand forward and left foot forward.  We also use front stance, guards up, feet wide apart. We kick from a front stance position to protect the knees, and use our core for momentum and force. We incorporate cardio and mix it with strength drills  and punch/kick combinations to create a HIIT style workout, and add a little rhythm. If you know your right from your left, you can do this! Countless stories of weight loss and life changes were born from this class, and we invite you to join us. Castor Fitness also offers traditional boxing one on one or small group lessons. Contact us today to sign up for a class, or book a private lesson. We also offer a free beginner demo before you start your first class. See you in the studio!!

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