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"the start of something good..."

Castor's kickboxing class was the start of something good. He is my personal trainer for over 3, injury free, years. The hydrostatic body fat measurement had shown I gained 8 pounds of muscle within 10 months. Because of Castor's knowledge of anatomy, nutritional suggestions and most of all, his encouragement, you leave each session feeling like a winner, AND YOU ARE!!


"lost 15 lbs, stronger than ever!"

"I have known Castor for over 20 years. He is my personal trainer and the best kickboxing instructor. 

I am a breast cancer survivor (twice.) I started training with Castor in December 2017. Since then, I have lost 15 lbs. and had to go shopping for new clothes. I am stronger than ever and have a lot of energy."


"he walks his talk..."

Castor is an effective trainer because he walks his talk. He is extremely fit and has a passion for working out and helping others meet their personal training goals. He is the type of fitness expert that always inspires you to try your hardest and believe in yourself. He is unlike no other trainer I have worked with. When I started boxing with Castor, not only did my body change, so did my mental state. I am totally obsessed with boxing with Castor. I leave every class feeling exhilarated and ready to take on the world. It is so empowering. 


"I have found my fitness family..."

My initial perception of kickboxing in general was that it was something reserved for the extremely fit; the elite athlete. It had always intimidated me a bit.

Then I met Shayne and Castor. They welcomed with open arms and made me feel like family.

Castor lead the class and made sure that we reviewed basic moves prior to. Throughout the class he made sure I was using proper form and knew that I could go at my own pace-important for the novice boxer. Class was fast-paced and fun, the music upbeat and it kept me going. Perhaps the best thing about it was Castor’s infectious enthusiasm and encouragement. His instruction, attitude and knowledge made me feel confident in what I was attempting. Instantly addicted to the challenge and the support I received, I’ve been hooked ever since.

If you’re looking for something new, I can’t encourage you enough to give Castor Fitness a try. I have found my fitness family.


"by far the best investment I made for my health..."

I met Castor in 2010. I knew from the first class Castor was a true professional fitness instructor at the top of his game. His passion for fitness was so strong, and I was inspired to take as many of his classes that I could attend. Immediately, my fitness level began to elevate. He is the master of kickboxing, cycling and Firming and Toning instruction. Castor has been my personal trainer for 7 years now. This has been by far the best investment I could have made for my health and wellness. Castor eats, sleeps and breathes fitness 24/7. It is what he is and who he is and it clearly shows in a training session. He is 100% dialed in 100% of the time. I love to train with Castor because he has the ability to know when the weight is too light, or too heavy, when I need to slow down or speed up. He watches every single count to be sure I am using proper form. Totally present at all times. I love training with Castor because I feel safe. I look forward to many more years with Castor, as long as he is a personal trainer, I will continue to sign up.


"I had dropped 15 lbs just from kickboxing with Castor..."

I have been kickboxing and personal training with Castor for 8 years. I have never enjoyed working out. I had to force myself to do it, and would give up easily. After a friend begged me to attend one of Castor’s kickboxing classes, I was hooked. The music was awesome, his energy was amazing, and even in the back of a packed gymnasium, I felt like he could somehow keep me engaged, and motivated. I quickly started feeling stronger, and more fit. After not weighing myself for a year, I stepped on scale and realized I dropped 15 lbs from just kickboxing with Castor 3 times a week. All my back pain went away, and muscle started building in places I previously had none! After all these years, I still love it!!! Thanks Castor for your limitless energy, your positive encouragement, and love for what you do, for each and every one of your clients, day after day. You are so loved and appreciated.


"he pushes me to do better, and challenge myself..."

I have known Castor for over 13 years. All these years, Castor remains genuine, energetic, explicitly motivating, and inspirational. His classes are fun, vigorous, and inviting, even my 73 year old mother loves to attend his classes. He pushes me to do better and to challenge myself! Thanks to him, not only have I lost weight, but I feel stronger and confident! He is a true fitness model!


"best trainer for anyone from the beginner to the fully engaged athlete..."

The workouts with Castor provide the ability to focus on specific muscle groups which he monitors very closely. He make sure that you get exactly what you need for developing your body. You can see from his training and actions that he loves what he does. He gives 100% with the training and enthusiasm.

There have been many times during my workouts in which I have wanted to give up and felt exhausted. Rather than allowing me to give up he changes up the routine to meet my needs and allows for me to move forward. It is not meeting his needs but rather meeting my needs with the workout. Castor is very diverse in his knowledge of the gym. He understands working and developing young athletes in a healthy manner as well as older individuals who have specific health limitations.


"he will create a routine that is specifically for you..."

There have been many times when we have needed to be out of town and we’re concerned about getting behind on our workout routines. Castor has been kind enough to put together workout routines based upon the hotel gym where we have stayed or even just cardio workout that would allow for us to maintain until we could return to our home gym and Castor’s direct tutoring. This shows how even when Castor is not directly training you he still cares about your health and wants you to stay in a good mindset and physical ability. He really cares about you and your health.  In summary Castor is the best trainer for anyone from the beginning gym member to the fully engaged athlete. He will create your routine specifically for you and not force you into a “cookie cutter” routine.  Just remember under Castor you will find your inner “Beast” because he will get to know you and bring out your best effort in the gym. 

-David and Maria

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There's no force like him...

“Finish strong!!!!” encourages Castor. It’s one thing to start out fresh. But to finish strong? After non-stop, heart-pounding, booty-shaking intensity, it’s hard to comply. But you know what? You end up finishing strong. You find that little bit of extra to go hard and come out on top. The voice, the support, the uplift, the healer that gets you there is Castor Guzman. There’s no one like him. There’s no force like him. That voice that you hear to finish strong lasts long after that sweat-drenched workout. You hear it as you work, as you pick up your kids, as you do yard work. It becomes a life mantra. Simply because Castor made you believe in your ability. That ability to go further, be stronger, be kinder and reach your goals.
“Finish strong!” he’ll tell you. And you know what? You will. Over and over and over again.

Inez Maubane Jones
Kick-boxing with Castor for 3 years and counting.